Direct Mail

Europa offers the complete range of direct mail services, including data processing, lasering, inkjetting, enclosing and mailing. If you have a tight deadline to meet, our team of highly experienced personnel are able to offer a fast response, from data processing through to live proofs, and through to enclosing and release to the Royal Mail.

We also have a team of reliable fulfilment staff for bulky packs and hand matching.

We can accept most formats of data via email, FTP transfer, or CD. Examples of formats we use regularly are ASCII delimited (data fields separated with comma’s, tabs, pipes etc), Fixed Field SDF, Microsoft Excel and Access database tables.

We use specialist software to design documents/mail pieces to your specification. We can move and position data, text and graphics anywhere on a page. Our software also allows many formatting functions to be carried out direct to the printer whilst a document is being lasered thus cutting out any unnecessary pre-processing work.

We will gladly discuss any data processing needs that you have.

Printing a promotional brochure may be just the start of your publicity campaign, Europa’s dedicated fulfilment service may bring that added thrust, ensuring your message gets into the market as quickly as possible.

Speed and timing are key elements in any direct mail campaign.  Again the process falls under the scrutiny of Europa’s management team, carefully monitoring the progress of your work to ensure your delivery target dates are met.

We recognise the security implications of carrying such a database and have invested to ensure that our client’s information is protected – back-up systems and secure computer networks are standard throughout the Europa (GOC) site.

Direct Mail offers one of the highest returns on investment of any marketing channel.

To find out more about how our low-cost and bespoke solutions can benefit your business give us a call on 020 88 555 444

We are much more than a mailing house. Our direct mail experts can help you to beat your budget and time constraints to make good quality customer relations simple. From one off mailings to regular mailshots, we save our  customers an average of 25% of their normal in-house costs.

We understand that you may need some advice when planning your mailshot or direct mailing, and our friendly sales team are always happy to help. Just give us a call and find out how we can get you in touch with your customers today.

Our services include:

  • Sales offering mailings
  • Mailshots
  • Insurance renewal mailings
  • Servicing reminder mailing fulfilment
  • Newsletters and brochure mailings
  • Welcome and thank you letters
  • Announcements

Mailing Solutions

Our services are hassle-free and simply priced leaflet mailing service, includes enclosing, sealing, addressing and posting.

There are also options for laser printing, folding and enclosing of personalised letters plus much more.

Direct mail also relies heavily on the data available and making best use of this to target the right customers with the right mailings.

We can cleanse your data and use a variety of top of the range analytical tools so you know what works best with your customers. We can also add additional records that closely match your targets’ profile.

Please contact us or call us free on 020 88 555 444 for advice from our experienced sales team.

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